15 MAY 2015

What’s happening at Shettleston Old?

This is a difficult time for our congregation and our community, and that can cause inaccurate rumours. So, here are some facts that might help you understand what’s happening. As things develop the Kirk Session will try to keep you informed.

I’ve heard Shettleston Old is closing, is that right?

Yes and no. After a long process, the Church of Scotland sadly decided that our building is to close. We are very upset about that. However, it is important to know that our congregation is not closing. We will unite with Victoria Tollcross Church to form a new congregation, so that we can continue the mission in our community.

What happens next?

Our Kirk Session will shortly begin to meet with the Kirk Session of Victoria Tollcross to agree the shape of the new united Church. This will take some months because we’ve got a lot of decisions to make. Once we’ve decided the details, both congregations will be asked to agree them by a vote.

Where will we worship?

Once the union takes place, the new congregation will worship in the Victoria Tollcross building.

When will the Shettleston Old building close?

Not immediately. It will certainly not close before Christmas 2015, and we’re very hopeful that all our organisations will be able to use it until next summer (June 2016).

So we’re all joining Victoria Tollcross?

No, and this is important. We’re forming a new congregation based in that building. It will include all the members of both congregations – and will be led by a new Kirk Session that will include all of our present elders and all of Victoria’s. The details of how it will work are what we’ll be discussing over coming months, and your views will be welcome.

What will our new congregation be called?

That will be part of the negotiation process. It will almost certainly have a brand new name.

What happens to our building once it closes?

That’s something that we will have to work out over coming months. It will belong to the new congregation. It may be sold but, if so, any money raised will be used by the new congregation. Everything our congregation owns, and everything Victoria Tollcross owns, will belong to our new congregation.

What about our organisations?

The organisations will be able to continue as they are (probably) until the summer of 2016. That gives us time to work out, with them and with Victoria Tollcross, what do after that. We don’t have all the answers yet. We will want as many of our organisation as possible to be part of the work of the new congregation.

What help is the Church of Scotland giving us?

Our union will be agreed locally, not imposed from the top. Our Kirk Session will be in the driving seat. However, we will be helped by the wider Church. The Presbytery’s facilitator Hillary McDougal will be working with us and experts from “121” will be on hand to advise us – particularly about buildings. Katie Morrison will continue to minister to us locally, and our interim moderator Alistair May will be with us to advise.

What happens in the meantime?

In the meantime the life and witness of Shettleston Old to the good news of Jesus continues. Please keep getting involved, and join for worship each Sunday. At this time of painful change, we need to keep sharing, praying and growing together.

What’s the aim in all of this?

The aim is that at the end of the process we will have one strong congregation, with its own full-time minister, ready to continue the work that we’ve always been doing to serve our community and share the good news of Jesus Church for many years to come.

What can I do?

Pray for the Kirk Session as we make decisions. Be patient with us as we try to work this through. Be forgiving with our mistakes, and when the answer can be no more than a frustrating “we don’t know yet”. And please do watch out for rumours, which so often turn out to be untrue. If you have questions, please speak to any elder. We will do our best to keep you up to date.

Kirk Session,

Shettleston Old Parish Church

15 May 2015

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